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Designing Green Neighbourhoods: An Interview with Architect Avi Friedman

Consider these numbers. The average North American wood-frame home consumes about 0.4 hectares (1 acre) of forest to construct. The building process generates about 3.5 tonnes (8000 pounds) of waste, of which all usually goes to the dump.

Richard Louv on the Necessity of a Nature-Child Reunion

On Feb. 20th, American author, Richard Louv gave a public lecture at the University of Victoria based on his best-selling book: "Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder." This vitally-important lecture is presented in its entirety. Louv's presentation began with a challenge to Canadians: to move more quickly than the United States in re-uniting children with nature. Following his lecture, a group of approximately 60 educators and activists gathered for a two day workshop at Royal Roads University to brainstorm a response to this challenge.

Saving Canada's Green Crown

What does Canada's number one outdoor recreation retailer have in common with one of the country's largest forest companies? A commitment to seeing the great boreal forest region protected and conserved to the highest degree possible, that's what. How is this possible? At Globe 2006, Starr Munro and Rick Searle sat down with representatives from Mountain Equipment Coop, Domtar Inc., World Wildlife Fund Canada and the Forest Stewardship Council Canada to find out.

The Power of Youth

Canadian youth have a valuable role to play in the social and economic development of the nation. From their influence on political policy, to their strength in the marketplace as consumers, to their innovations and insights for the environment, youth have the power to determine the future of sustainability in Canada. In this edition of ekosRadio, co-hosts Starr Munro and Rick Searle, chat with Justin Trudeau at Globe 2006, about the important role youth play in transforming our society’s understanding and respect for the natural environment.

Making Music that Matters

Imagine a world where children come together in harmony and song, standing tall, smiles bright, faces shining like the colors of the rainbow. Together they raise their voices and unite as one, in celebration of life, in celebration of nature. Imagine a world where children teach their elders about caring for the planet, about recycling, sustainable forestry, biodiversity and composting. Imagine a world where adults listen to children, and everyone works in unison to protect and preserve the planet’s natural resources.



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